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Private Music Lessons

Fee $25.00 Per Lesson


Take place in our teaching studio located at: 202 Creamery Road,Hopewell Junction, NY 12533. Phone number/message: 914-523-7146.


Children should be accompanied by a parent to every lesson.

Guitar, Bass, Banjo

All lessons are 28 minutes in length unless otherwise indicated.

Beginning guitar lessons

The student will be introduced to note identification, the staff, melodic

motion, abbreviated chords, beginning finger and hand position. With patience and practice the student will be able to read and play simple melodies, abbreviated chords and know the parts and functions of the guitar.

Intermediate guitar lessons

Intermediate guitar students will read and play more complex melodies and a wide variety of chords in open position. Students will learn to play the song melody and the accompanying chords allowing for ensemble playing. Technical exercises, syncopation and beginning improvisation will be introduced.

Advanced guitar lessons

The student will be able to perform melodies and chords in multiple

positions and be able to work from published guitar books of their choice. Students will learn to work from fake books, including improvisation of harmony and melodic material. Students will learn

to read tablature, the 12-bar blues progression and be able to jam successfully with other musicians using major, minor and modal tonalities.

Lessons for Bass, Banjo

Students will learn same as above depending on the student’s beginning level of ability.

Music Theory

The course teaches the basics of music theory and how it relates to

performing, composing and writing out music. This course will be taught as a class and will be offered in the Fall and again in the early Spring.



Students will be invited to participate in the end-of- year recital. Each student will have the opportunity to perform in front of a live audience in a “coffee house” style concert. The student will gain valuable experience by performing in a relaxed supportive environment while at the same time learning stage presence and self confidence.

Low Brass Instruments: Tuba, Baritone, Trombone

Students will be evaluated on their level of ability and an individual

strategy will be designed for each brass student. Students will work on

breathing exercises, embouchure building, sight reading, scales, etudes, solos and improvisation. Students will learn an efficiently organized daily practice routine that will show positive results.

Low Brass Recital

Will be held TBD depending on the number of students who are


Payment Policy

Lesson fees will be collected at the first lesson each month. Lessons follow the public school holiday and cancellations for inclement weather. If schools are closed, or if the teacher cancels lessons the lesson fee will be balance forwarded or credited to the student. If the student cancels the lesson without prior notice, the fee for that lesson will be forfeited.

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